Dating japanese stratocaster

Dating vintage guitars and amps by source-date code 03/02/14 return to the feature index return to the main index introduction sometimes there just isn't enough . 2007 was another transitional year for japanese-made fender instruments, with the return to the “made in japan” country-of-origin identifier on the serial number decal this was a running change, and both “made in japan” and “crafted in japan” decals appear on instruments from 2007 and 2008. Squire strat bullets (dating unclear) fn(xxxxxx) us made guitars and basses destined for the export market some may have stayed in the us or found their way back (made to standard strat specs, dating unclear) i(xxxxxxx) a limited number of these i series guitars were made in '89 and '90.

Fender japan began in 1982 and their jv line of guitars was halted at the end of 1983 starting in 1984, the “mij” (made in japan) decade began and continued through 1994 from 1994 until today, fender japan guitars are stamped with the “cij” (crafted in japan) logo. I have an early domestic japanese jv body with a later domestic japanese neck, and it is a fantastic guitar the jv models had fender us pickups it's not basswood, and the pickups are pretty good. Dating a fender stratocaster discussion in ' fmic at first were going to just import guitars from japan but had a change of heart and built their own factory . Squier strat bullets (dating unclear) fn(xxxxxx) us made guitars and basses destined for the export market some may have stayed in the us or found their way back (made to standard strat specs, dating unclear) i(xxxxxxx) a limited number of these i series guitars were made in '89 and '90.

There was a lower priced fender contemporary squier model produced as wellmany of fender contemporary stratocaster and telecaster models had fender japan e serial number prefix at the beginning of their serial numbers but in fact fender never produced a line of guitars named the e series. Mexican fender guitars serial number chart and production dates fender japanese serial #'s fender korean serial #'s fender indonesian serial #'s dating . The source dating code is an element of standardization that is administered by the electronics industries alliance (eia) pot code reader if you have any . The jim root telecaster, james burton standard telecaster, buddy guy stratocaster (polka dot model), robert cray stratocaster and jimmie vaughan stratocaster use an msn serial number prefix note: in october 2010, some artist models switched to the new mx10 numbering scheme.

Squier dating and value discussion in 'squier strat forum' started by groomster, jul 13, 2010 japanese vintage fender squier stratocaster guitars, . Dating memphis japan guitars, memphis guitar this particular badge was made from hashimoto some long lost master luthier elk badged guitars came in clear acrylics in addition to colors in the early s, which was an attempt to copy clear acrylics designed by the legendary dan armstrong in the late s. This looks like an mij standard tele - really impossible to pin down the actual year unless someone has a receipt it also looks like someone scratched off the made in japan decal from the headstock (based on the scratches under the telecaster decal).

Made in japan stamp on the heel of every guitar's neck, without variation on stratocasters and bass guitars, you will find the serial number just below this stamp, also on the heel of the neck. Terada made the fender japan acoustic guitars such as the fender catalina made in japan and crafted in japan and its rumors according to a fender representative, it was in the fender japan contract that. The only sales fender wanted to destroy with their japanese guitars, were those of tokai, fernandes, and other copyists but in the mid ‘eighties after the fullerton factory shut down, japanese fender-branded guitars began to flow into the uk shops.

Dating japanese stratocaster

The fender serial number decoder currently supports all documented mia, mij, mim, mik and mii formats with the exception of custom shop, relic and reissue instruments please note that fender serial numbers tend to overlap by at least a year, and thereby the date of your guitar can only be approximated. In the late 1980s/early 1990s there would have been no fujigen burny guitars because fujigen stopped most of its set neck production to mainly make bolt on fender like guitars current japanese made burnys are probably produced by tokai the burny acoustic guitars up to 1982 were probably made by hayashi gakki and after 1982 by headway. Dating your japanese-made fender instrument from fendercom records on early japanese-made fender instruments are not complete and are therefore not completely definitive for dating purposes.

Identifying mij e-series discussion in ' i have an e serial fender strat made in japan, it's my avatar, and it has a penciled date 3/7/88. My guitar's not listed on fenders' dating page no category for chinese guitars, and i can't find my serial # (&/or letter code) anywhere who farmed their budget . Squier® strat bullets (dating unclear) fn(xxxxxx) us-made guitars and basses destined for export market some may have stayed in the us or found their way back (made to standard stratocaster specs dating unclear) i(xxxxxxx) a limited number of these “i” series guitars were made in 1989 and 1990. Electric guitar serial number dating for later save early serial numbers and foreign-built potentiometer codes on japanese guitars aren’t much help in the .

Fender japanese strat models | find love and fun dating says: reply february 2, 2015 at 3:55 am identifying an yngwie strat | pick roar – help on identifying the various models of the fender yngwie malmsteen stratocaster. Fender japan guitars: from the early 1950’s through the late 1970’s, fender usa had little competition in the guitar arena, in the making and selling of their classic stratocasters and telecasters, among other popular models. Vintage guitars info's vintage fender guitars, basses, amps introduction and general specs.

Dating japanese stratocaster
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